Ear Infections in Children: What Parents Need To Know

Ear infections, also called acute otitis media, are common in young children and newborns and can cause them a significant amount of discomfort, which is why parents and doctors have urgent concerns when they occur. If your child has an ear infection, irritation, or inflammation that doesn't seem to be going away with time or treatment at home, get urgent help from Dr. Ravi Agarwal at Westside Ear, Nose, & Throat in Glendale, AZ.

What Causes Ear Infections in Children?

Children are more prone to developing ear infections because their ear canals are still developing. They also may have more exposure to elements that can cause an ear infection such as swimming in public pools or touching the inside of their ears with dirty head fingers. Constant contact with other children who may be infected can also increase the occurrence of ear infections. Common colds, RSV, COVID-19, and other viral diseases as well as exposure to second-hand smoke could also be the culprit.

What To Know About Ear Infections

When a child has an ear infection, especially a baby, they will usually cry a lot and scratch at their ears due to the pain. A baby may be more hesitant to eat because of the pain when trying to swallow milk. Other symptoms include fever and a yellowish discharge from the ears. If an ear infection isn’t treated after some time by your Glendale, AZ, ENT doctor, it could lead to long-term hearing problems.

Ear Infection Solutions

The most common solution for an ear infection in a child is a prescription liquid eardrop. The medication your doctor prescribes could be an antibiotic, antifungal agent or steroid to help manage any swelling. In advanced cases and when the ear infection is present in both ears, the doctor may have to use a tubal surgery called bilateral myringotomy (BMT) to eliminate the infection and prevent future ones from occurring.

See an Ear Doctor for an Exam

If you are worried that your child may have an ear infection that isn't going away within a reasonable amount of time, have the issue examined by an otolaryngologist. Call (602) 938-3777 today to schedule an appointment to treat an ear infection with Dr. Ravi Agarwal at Westside Ear, Nose, & Throat in Glendale, AZ.

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